Magic Lanzarote 2017

Training, T´aughter, TransEurope

Altitude Training. Barefoot at nudists place. And how not to avoid contact with a lot of “bullshit”.
A tiny travel report and a declaration of love to the world, the daughter and sport itself!

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Across Europe in good spirits.

The Mission: 5000 km with an old rust bucket across Europe. Convincing Luza, the island girl, of the beauty of our world. Transporting the (grand) father along with belongings to Lanzarote. And by the way: do not neglect the training.

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Beastly encounters

Part 1: Zaragoza, Pyrenees, Bordeaux, Vichy, Bâle, Hockenheim, northern Bavaria.
2.500 kilometers with chitty chitty bang bang.
And a few more meters without motorized horsepowers

magic lanzarote urlaub reise ironman 2014

Across georgeous landscapes

Conclusion:You can workout everywhere!

Zaragoza, big city. 5:30 in the morning. During the day no time for a lap. Into the running shoes and out of the hotel.
City awakes, child is still asleep. I start loving these lonely runs just before dawn.


magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014

Zaragoza, the beginning of our odyssey

Pyrenees. Fresh air and green as far as one can see. 2.5 miles on flat rolled slopes steeply uphill.
In hiking steps, because the little daughter is joining and there are underground rivulets and perifollicular bare rocks to discover.
At 2,072 m. newts, ice cold water and a breathtaking scenery is awaiting us. Later, at a campsite somewhere in the nature sleeping underneath the stars. Watching the Perseids, shooting stars, that one can’t  follow with wishes. Despite good sense of direction and a GPS watch the iron man ends up in the mud, cow dung from the calves up to the knees.
The amazing “Newton” running shoes are improperly used as hiking shoes and are putting this special burden away very well.

magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014


A campingside for nudists. Workout in birthday suit. Barefoot at the beach into morning sun. Compensation in archery and table tennis.

magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014

Grayan et l´Hopital, Bordeaux

Vichy. Chatel de Neuvre.

First autumn mists announcing the fact that we moved away from the southern sun.
Freshwater river near the Loire, perfect for canoeing.
French savoir vivre. Flat, picturesque terrain for solitary rounds in redorange.

magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014



Swiss tidiness is in the morning air. Luza is happy talking german again.
Felt-like 172 Rounds in a 12-meter swimmingpool, as long there are no
splashing kids in sight.

magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014



my former hometown. An unusual wokoutplace- a corn-labyrinth.
Kilometers of aberance and confusion in the midst of reap bushes.
The GO FOR THE IRONMAN fan base is growing, the bright yellow T-Shirts are a popular souvenir for old friends.
Collective laps with midges, horseflies and a Sheepdog.

magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014

Hockenheim. and Neuhofen/Pfalz


Favorite occupation:
Workout and thereby spotting different regions, before the daughter is peeling herself out of the tent in the morning.
The early bird is scoring, catches the worm in the form of the best adresses for breakfast croissants, the delicious cooled Rosé or the sightseeing spot around the corner.

The world is beautiful, damnit! Man, look at it and learn to love it!
Better workout for Ironman than geting an iron armature, leading wars!

magic lanzarote urlaub reise lanzarote ironman 2014

The eternal lure of diverse delicacies …

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